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Will & Samantha's Wedding in East Texas

You couldn't find a better couple more evenly matched. Maybe it's the team aspect of the relationship that I can identify with. Maybe it's how strong of individuals they are separate, but how great of a match they make together. I was honored to be invited to film their day. Will and Samantha are incredible people, amazing dancers, and who doesn't love getting to work around a firetruck. I'm pretty sure it's every kids dream. Some of us, like Will, just grow up and actually do it for a living. Happy marriage you two!

Will & Samantha were married at Lufkin First Assembly. Reception following at the Diboll Civic Center.


Photographer: Jenna McElroy

Wedding location: Lufkin First Assembly Reception Location: Diboll Civic Center

Songs Licensed via Music Bed Something Beautiful by Tim Halperin Here We Go by Clemency Here We Go - Instrumental by Clemency


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