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Well, you just got married! What happens next?

Congratulations! You did it! Now that the wedding nerves have settled, let's go over what happens next with your wedding video. 

We backup all the footage we filmed that day and schedule your wedding package into our editing queue. When that time comes, we then begin building your wedding film. Usually this process falls around 4-6 months from your wedding date. When we finish editing your wedding film, you will receive a review link by email to preview your wedding film. At this time, you have 7 days to respond to us with a change order if necessary. If we do not hear back from you within that time frame, we will assume (hopefully) that you are ecstatic with the finished product and close that project. Your full online gallery & USB will then be emailed to you and mailed to the address you provided on your questionnaire. 

If you do request changes, those MUST be sent to us within those 7 days. Change orders that are included in our editing of your purchased wedding package are limited to subjective content, not objective content. Example of subjective changes:

"we would like any shots of my Aunt Jane you have to be added in to the reception footage"


We charge additionally for objective changes to the wedding film. Example of objective changes:

"I don't like the feel of the film, lets change the music" 

"I'd like to show the first look at another part of the film instead" 

"Let's add in speeches from my my roommates as well"

Part of the reason for this is simply the hours of editing that is involved. Our purpose is always to serve up the most incredible film that truly tells the story of your love. Changing the objective structure of the film will effect many aspects of your video and can take up to a week to re-work. 

That being said, we do allow small subjective changes. Please email us your notes on it so we can get it fixed for you to post! Beyond that, we do charge additional editing fees. Requested edits will typically be done within 2 weeks, subject to our travel and editing schedule. Once again, approval of the revised film is required within 7 days or the project will be marked as approved and closed. 

We will send you instructions with the final video on how to download the web optimized version of it for your personal Facebook page :) We ask that you tag us in that video. After your family and friends have had a chance to watch it online, we will share it from our Facebook page.

Your full gallery (according to your package) is finalized within 2 weeks the time you receive your final highlight video. That will come in the form of an online gallery. After you have had a chance to watch all the videos in the online gallery, please let us know if you see any errors. 

The next step you will receive your USB copy in the mail of all of the videos! You will get an email stating that your package has shipped & tracking info. We will also send you a link to leave a review of us as this helps tremendously in our business :)

OR... We love to do a follow up with you guys after this point, grab a drink, talk about the awesomeness of married life & deliver your USB in person! 


- If you wish to purchase RAW footage or additional USBs, you totally can! Just contact us and we can set that up.

- Before we start editing, if you purchased a highlight only or short film package, you do have the option to upgrade your film for a longer edit, if applicable (contact us for details!).

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